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Make the most of your onboard experience

Once you’re settled in your cabin, it’s time to explore all that your cruise ship has to offer. From relaxing by the pool to enjoying top-notch cruise entertainment and dining at various restaurants, there’s something for everyone on the cruise ship.

  1. Explore the Ship:
    • Tour the Facilities: Walk around the ship to get familiar with key areas such as dining rooms, lounges, pools, fitness centers, and activity zones. My advice to guests was to get lost walking around the first day. You will find ship maps all over the ship to help you find your way.
    • Locate Important Areas: Find the location of your muster station, guest services, medical center, and any other essential areas.
  2. Dining Options:
    • Main Dining Rooms: Enjoy meals in the main dining rooms, offering a variety of cuisine options.
    • Specialty Restaurants: Consider dining at specialty restaurants for unique culinary experiences (reservations may be required and make sure to check dress code).
    • Casual Dining: Take advantage of buffets, cafes, and snack bars for more casual dining options.
  3. Activities and Entertainment:
    • Daily Schedule: Review the daily schedule (Free style daily for Pride of America) provided by the cruise line to plan your activities.
    • Shows and Performances: Attend theater productions, live music, comedy shows, and other entertainment options. All shows are free and require no reservation on the Pride of America
    • Onboard Activities: Participate in activities such as trivia games, dance classes, fitness sessions, and poolside games.
  4. Relaxation and Leisure:
    • Pool and Spa: Spend time at the pool, hot tubs, or visit the onboard spa for a relaxing treatment. For Pride of America spa prices check the articles below.
    • Quiet Spaces: Find quiet areas like the library or observation lounge to relax and unwind.
  5. Shopping and Services:
    • Onboard Shops: Explore shops selling souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and other items. Remember you will find really cool stuff at the ports from ABC Stores etc and even Walmart that is cooler than the ship merchandise!
    • Services: Take advantage of services like laundry, internet cafes, and photo studios. (See Pride of America Laundry Pricing below.)
  6. Fitness and Recreation:
    • Fitness Center: Use the gym facilities for a workout or join fitness classes. The Pride of America has a really nice guest gym.
    • Sports and Games: Participate in sports activities such as basketball, mini-golf, or rock climbing (if available).
  7. Socializing and Networking:
    • Meet Fellow Cruisers: Attend social events and mixers to meet other passengers.
    • Join Clubs and Groups: Participate in clubs and interest groups that match your hobbies and interests.
  8. Kids and Teens:
    • Children’s Programs: Enroll children in supervised programs and activities designed for different age groups. Be careful on the cruise ship arcade costs. I have personally dealt with very angry parents after a teen racked up $700 in arcade charges in less than 4 hours. It is $1.00 to $1.50 per time playing a game even up to $3.00.
    • Teen Activities: Teens can enjoy dedicated spaces and activities tailored to their interests.
  9. Health and Safety:
    • Sanitation Practices: Follow onboard health and safety protocols, including handwashing and sanitizing. For sea sickness bring that Dramamine , we found some here to purchase pre-cruise.
    • Medical Services: Visit the medical center if you need health assistance during your cruise. Be careful here Pride of America would charge around $80 for a nurse visit and around $200 for a doctor visit. That is a flat up front charge not considering other costs.
  10. Stay Connected:
  • Ship’s App: Use the cruise line’s app to keep track of activities, make reservations, and stay informed. The app on day one will be buggy until the ship rolls over the new ship information.
  • Communication: Stay in touch with family and friends via onboard internet services or communication packages. Make sure to log out of your internet when done. It will keep running and use all of your minutes.

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