Easy Debarkation Tips and Tricks
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Easy Debarkation Tips and Tricks

I’m here to ensure your debarkation process is as smooth as possible. Before you disembark, review the debarkation information provided onboard and pack your luggage. Attend any briefings to get the latest instructions and tips for a seamless departure. With my guidance, you’ll navigate this final step effortlessly, allowing you to reflect on the amazing memories you’ve made.

  1. Review Disembarkation Information:
    • Disembarkation Briefing: Attend the disembarkation briefing or review the information provided by the cruise line in your stateroom. This will include details on the process, timings, and any special instructions.
    • Customs and Immigration: Understand the procedures for clearing customs and immigration. Ensure you have all necessary documents ready. Make sure to not bring sand of rocks from Hawaii, they will catch it and possible fines at the airport.
  2. Settle Onboard Accounts:
    • Check Your Bill: Review the final statement of your onboard account, which includes all charges incurred during the cruise. Resolve any discrepancies at guest services.
    • Payment Methods: Ensure you have an appropriate payment method available to settle your account if it’s not automatically charged to your credit card.
    • Pride of America: you can check you account and pay any balances or get refunds starting at noon on Friday. I advise you to not leave refundable funds on the account. They do not refund to the card and will mail you a check to your address on file that can take up to 8 weeks to arrive.
  3. Pack Your Luggage:
    • Packing Guidelines: Follow the cruise line’s packing guidelines. Pack your bags the night before disembarkation and leave them outside your stateroom if required for collection by the crew. For Pride of America leave them out before 10:00pm Friday night.
    • Carry-On Bag: Keep a carry-on bag with essential items such as travel documents, medications, valuables, and a change of clothes for the final morning.
  4. Disembarkation Tags:
    • Tag Your Luggage: Attach the disembarkation tags provided by the cruise line to your luggage. These tags are color-coded or numbered to indicate your designated disembarkation group and time.
  5. Final Morning on Board:
    • Early Breakfast: Enjoy an early breakfast in the dining room or buffet before your scheduled disembarkation time.
    • Last-Minute Checks: Double-check your stateroom to ensure you haven’t left anything behind. Ensure you have all important items in your carry-on.
  6. Wait for Your Disembarkation Group:
    • Designated Areas: Wait in the designated areas or lounges assigned to your disembarkation group. Listen for announcements regarding your group’s turn to disembark.
    • Be Patient: Disembarkation can be a lengthy process, so be patient and follow the crew’s instructions.
  7. Disembark the Ship:
    • Show Cruise Card: When your group is called, proceed to the exit with your carry-on items. Show your cruise card one last time to disembark the ship.
    • Collect Luggage: Head to the designated luggage collection area to retrieve your bags. Luggage is usually arranged by tag color or number.
  8. Customs and Immigration:
    • Clear Customs: Go through customs and immigration, presenting your travel documents and declaration forms as required. Follow any specific instructions from the officials. (This will be at the Hawaii Airport)
  9. Arrange Transportation:
    • Pre-Book Transport: If you haven’t already, arrange for transportation from the port to your next destination, whether it’s the airport, a hotel, or home.
    • Shuttles and Taxis: Look for shuttle services, taxis, or ride-sharing options available at the port. Some cruise lines offer transfer services to major transit hubs. (More information on this in the guides below and will save you some money).

Below are guides, tips and tricks related to Hawaii Cruise Disembarkation day that will make it easier and save you money.