Hawaii Post-Cruise
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The Hawaiian adventure doesn’t have to stop

After disembarking, consider extending your stay in Hawaii to explore more of the islands’ beauty and culture. Share your feedback and cruise reviews to help others plan their own Hawaiian cruise vacation. Whether you’re heading home or continuing your journey, I’m here to ensure your post-cruise experience is just as memorable as your time at sea.

  1. Accommodations:
    • Hotel Check-In: If you’re staying in the area for a few extra days, check into your hotel. Confirm your reservation and enjoy some downtime.
    • Day Use Rooms: For those with late flights, consider booking a day-use room at a nearby hotel to relax before heading to the airport. Waikiki has some great ones to use.
  2. Exploring the Destination:
    • Local Attractions: Take advantage of your time in the port city to explore local attractions, visit museums, or enjoy dining at local restaurants.
    • Tours and Activities: Book a day tour or activity to make the most of your remaining time in the area. Pride of America has some available based off your flight time.
  3. Travel Home:
    • Airport Transfer: Arrange transportation to the airport. Ensure you arrive with plenty of time to check in, clear security, and board your flight.
    • Flight Check-In: Check in for your flight, print boarding passes, and prepare for your journey home.
  4. Post-Cruise Health:
    • Hydrate and Rest: After disembarking, make sure to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest, especially if you’re facing a long journey home.
    • Seasickness Recovery: If you experienced seasickness during the cruise, give your body time to readjust to being on land. I still sway back and forth to this day.
  5. Unpack and Organize:
    • Unpack Luggage: Once home, unpack your bags, launder your clothes, and put away any souvenirs or items collected during the cruise.
    • Organize Photos and Memories: Sort through photos, souvenirs, and keepsakes. Consider creating a photo album or scrapbook to remember your trip.
  6. Share Your Experience:
    • Social Media: Share your cruise experiences and photos on social media platforms.
    • Leave Reviews: Provide feedback and leave reviews on the cruise line’s website, travel review sites, and any tour operators you used. This helps future travelers and the service providers. Make sure to share this to the Hawaii Cruise Facebook groups you may have joined.
  7. Reflect and Plan:
    • Reflect on the Trip: Take some time to reflect on your cruise experience. Consider what you enjoyed most and what you might do differently next time.
    • Plan Future Travels: Start thinking about your next adventure. Use the insights gained from this trip to plan future travels, whether another cruise or a different type of vacation. Most cruises give you big discounts if you book your next cruise onboard and give you a large amount of on-board credit to use on the current and next cruise.

Below are guides, tips and tricks related to your Post-Cruise Hawaii travels. If you plan on leaving or decided to stay in Hawaii forever.