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How do you connect to the ship internet and wifi? on the Pride of America

Looking to setup your internet? Well first off if it is day 1 on embarkation day the internet will not work no matter what until after 2 p.m. sometimes it can be earlier sometimes later. This is due to the ship rolling over the new cruise data for the week. Guest services and the internet manager will tell you the same thing so hopefully this saves you time form waiting in line. If it is past that time the internet setup instructions are below.

A few super important reminders!

– Do not login using your information on another family members phone. Because your package will now be only applied to that phone and cannot be moved.

– Always make sure to logout of the internet because the timer will still countdown your internet even if you shut your phone off or close the window or disconnect from Wi-Fi. ALWAYS LOGOUT to stop the timer.

– if you forget to logout (most of you will) go the internet manager on deck 6 by the library. Tell him what happened. Make sure to say you tried to logout but it wouldn’t you. Do not take no for an answer he has all the power to give you back minutes. With how outdated and over-priced the ship internet is they can take care of a guest that already paid over $4,000 just to be in Hawaii.

1. Place phone in airplane mode.

2. Connect to the Ships Wifi “NCL_Internet_Pride

3. Go to Internet Browser, i.e. Apple Safari or Google Chrome

4. Type “” in the address bar

5. Follow the steps onscreen

6. When finished using Wifi go back to Internet Browser

7. Type “” in the address bar

Make sure to log-out and not leave your minutes running. If you accidentally do speak with the internet manager on deck 6.