Pride of America NCL – Kona Tendering Guide 2024

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Kona is the only tender port for the Pride of America.

  •   Tendering between 7:00am and 7:45am does not require a tender ticket, just head to Deck 3 midship to disembark the ship like normal.
  •   To tender after 7:45am, a tender ticket is required. Tender tickets are free.
  • Tender tickets are available starting at 6:30am on Wednesday at Pink’s Champagne (Deck 6, midship) and will be available until open tender is announced
Kona Cruise Tender tickets
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  • Tickets are given out by group number, with an approximate call time.
  • If you have a shore excursion through NCL on Wednesday, your shore excursion ticket will count as your tender ticket. Just show your yellow excursion ticket to get off the boat AT LEAST 45 minutes prior to your schedule excursion meeting time
  •  You do NOT need a ticket to return. Simply line up where they drop you off on the tender pier.

Tendering is very easy on the Pride of America Cruise very well organized and even easier for Suite guests since you will meet with the Concierge on deck 6 at Napa Wine bar and he will take you in groups to the front of the line.

 What is Tendering on a cruise ship? 

 Tendering on a cruise ship refers to the process of transporting passengers from the cruise ship to shore using smaller boats, known as tenders, when the ship itself cannot dock directly at a port. This situation often occurs in ports where the water is not deep enough to accommodate the cruise ship’s draft, or in cases where the docking facilities are insufficient for the size of the ship.

During a tendering operation, the cruise ship anchors offshore, and tenders, which can be the ship’s own lifeboats or boats provided by the port, ferry passengers to and from land. This process requires organization and safety measures to ensure smooth operations and the well-being of passengers. Tendering may take more time than docking directly at a port, so passengers are usually advised of the tendering process and schedule in advance.

Tendering provides an opportunity for passengers to visit destinations that are otherwise inaccessible to large cruise ships, allowing for a wider range of ports of call during a cruise. However, passengers should be prepared for the tendering process, as it involves transferring between the ship and the tender boats, which can be affected by weather and sea conditions.