Best Cruise Packing Checklist Part 15 – Fun and Festive Cruise Accessories

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Hey there, cruisers! Justin here, and let’s talk about the fun and quirky tradition of hiding cruise ducks. You see, cruise ducks are these adorable rubber ducks that people bring on cruises to hide around the ship for others to find. It’s like a little game of hide-and-seek that adds an extra layer of fun to your cruise experience.

People hide cruise ducks in all sorts of clever places, like on staircases, in lounges, or even in the library. When someone finds a duck, it brings a smile to their face and adds a bit of excitement to their day. It’s a fun way to spread joy and connect with other passengers, even if you never actually meet the person who finds your duck.

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Plus, it’s not just about hiding ducks. Some people decorate their ducks or give them special themes, making each duck unique and adding to the fun of the game. So, if you’re going on a cruise, consider bringing a few cruise ducks along. You’ll be adding a touch of whimsy to your journey and maybe even starting a new tradition for others to enjoy. Happy cruising and happy duck hunting!

Fun and Festive Cruise Accessories

To truly embrace the laid-back cruise atmosphere, don’t forget to pack some fun and festive accessories! Here are some items to consider bringing:

  • Rubber Ducks: Fun to hide around the ship for others to find!
  • Cabin Door Decorations: Add a personal touch to your cabin door.
  • Command Strips, Painter’s Tape, or Magnets: For attaching decorations without damaging surfaces.
  • List of Events: Print or make a list of events from your sailing’s Facebook group.
  • Group T-Shirts: Coordinate with your group for a fun matching look.
  • Birthday or Celebration Surprises: Plan something special for anyone celebrating a birthday or special occasion.

By bringing these accessories and gear, you’ll be ready to fully embrace the fun-filled experiences that await you on your cruise vacation. Mahalo, and happy cruising!

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