Best Cruise Packing Checklist Part 3 – Medical and Prescriptions

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Fill Prescriptions and Make Sure to Pack Them

Aloha, travelers! Justin here, reminding you to prepare your medications before you set sail on the Pride of America. Needing to use the cruise ship’s medical services can be expensive, so it’s important to have all your medications and a backup plan ready. For example on the Pride of America Cruise Ship when I was on it, it would cost around $80 for a nurse visit and around $200 just to see the Doctor. That is NOT counting any treatment or follow up! Here’s a checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need:

  • Medical ID Cards: Bring your medical ID cards for easy access to your health information.
  • Dental ID Cards: Pack your dental ID cards in case of a dental emergency.
  • Vaccination Cards: If applicable, bring your vaccination cards.
  • Care Credit or Medical Expense Card: Have these ready in case you need to cover medical expenses.
  • Prescription Eye Glasses/Sunglasses: Don’t forget to pack your prescription glasses and sunglasses.
  • Prescription Contact Lenses, Case & Solution: Make sure to bring your contacts, case, and solution.
  • All Prescription Medications and Daily Vitamins: Pack all your necessary medications and vitamins in their original prescription bottles.
  • List of Emergency Numbers: Include contacts for your primary care physician, dentist, mental health counselor, specialists, and an emergency contact person with their phone numbers.
  • List of Daily Medications: Write down all daily medications including dosages for everyone in your party.
  • Permission Letter for Minors: If traveling with a minor who is not your child, bring a letter from their guardian giving you permission to treat and authorize medical decisions in case of an emergency.

By taking these steps, you’ll ensure you have all your medical needs covered, so you can relax and enjoy your cruise. Mahalo, and happy sailing!

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