About the Pride of America Cruise Ship NCL – Hawaii

NCL Cruise Line, Pride of America, Nawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaii
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NCL Cruise Line, Pride of America, Nawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaii

Pride Of America – Ship Facts and General Information

 The Pride of America cruise ship is a remarkable vessel that stands as a symbol of luxury and exploration on the high seas. Operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, this majestic ship was purpose-built for the Hawaiian market, making it the only cruise ship to sail under the U.S. flag and exclusively offer inter-island cruises in Hawaii. Launched in 2005, the Pride of America seamlessly combines modern amenities with a patriotic flair, featuring a vibrant and contemporary design that reflects the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the Hawaiian Islands.

With a capacity to accommodate over 2,000 passengers, the ship provides an unforgettable experience, offering a wide array of dining options, entertainment venues, and recreational activities. Whether guests are lounging by the pool, exploring the unique ports of call, or enjoying the onboard entertainment, the Pride of America promises a one-of-a-kind cruise experience, celebrating the spirit of adventure and the beauty of Hawaii. 

Below have ship facts and general information.

How many Crew on the Pride of America and does it have a Casino?

Only American Flagged Ship of its size

Newly Renovated from the most recent Dry Dock in 2016

Approx. 950 Crew representing over 37 Nationalities work on board

Ship’s Registry: Honolulu, Hawaii

75 % of the Crew have to be American as mandated by the  US Coast Guard

Hawaiian Laws: No Casino.

What is the dress code on board?

The dress code is very casual except for a few restaurants like Jeffersons and Liberty. This dress code is subject to change so make sure to ask when you get there. Generally its pants and collared shirts for men. No shorts allowed.  You can ask Guest Services or the Reservation desk day 1 of the cruise or call 00 from your stateroom phone.

What are the ship Technical Facts?

 · Gross Tonnage: 81,000 GRT

· Auxiliary Power: Diesel Electric

· Length: 282.5m / 926.10 ft.

· Breadth: 32.2m / 105.8 ft.

· Draft: 8.0m / 26.3 ft.

· Maximum Speed: 22.0 knots

· 1 Nautical Mile (“Knot”) = 1.15 statute-/land miles = 1852 Meters = 1.852 Km

Engine Room Facts:

We have a diesel electric plant with six (6) diesel engine driven generators and electric motor propulsion in the form of two (2) Roll-Royce Mermaid Azimuthing Propulsion Pods.

· MAIN ENGINES:  6 x Wärtsilä 8L46C Engines (6 x 8,400 kW = 50,400 kW; or 6 x 11,265 hp = 67,590 hp)

· PROPULSION POWER:  2 x Rolls-Royce Mermaids (2 x 12,400 kW = 24,800 kW; or 2 x 16,630 hp = 33,260 hp)


· STABILIZERS:  2 x Sperry Marine.  (length 6.25 meters; or 20.5 feet)

· BOW THRUSTERS:  3 x Rolls-Royce Marine – Kamewa TT 2800K/BMS-CP KI (3 x 2,450 kW = 7,350 kW; or 3 x 3,285 hp = 9,855 hp)


Heavy Fuel Oil:  989.2 m3 (261,320 gallons)

Marine Gas Oil:  1,353.1 m3 (357,450 gallons)

Weekly Consumption:  524 m3 (138,426 gallons)

· AIR CONDITIONING:  4 x Carrier Transicold 02XR587MHH6AS Chiller Compressors (4 x 850 kW = 3,400 kW; 4 x 1,140 hp = 4,560 hp)


Capacity:  1791.4 m3; or 473,238 gallons

Weekly Consumption:  7200.0 m3; or 1,902,040 gallons.